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    Shelton Dickson


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    Josh Hibray


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    John Carroll

    IT Recruiter

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    Jersey Ross

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  • Justin Thomas, Information Security Consultant, Asurion

    Shelton Dickson assisted me in my recent job search. I found him to be highly competent and a faithful advocate in identifying the appropriate position for my knowledge, skills, and goals. I look forward to working with Shelton in the future as my career progresses.

  • Roger Dahlman, Software Architect, Bloomberg

    Shelton Dickson is an expert recruiter. One of the best... He understands people and understands the software industry from the point of view of a developer. He knows no strangers and his understanding of technology makes him good at finding excellent candidates and determining if they are a fit socially and technically. Shelton is active in the software community and is constantly building his network.

  • Sharon Frazee, VP, Health Informatics, CHD Meridian Healthcare

    I worked with Shelton Dickson to fill several critical IT staffing needs I found him to be responsive and professional. He was able to find excellent candidates in a very competitive market quickly and has proven himself to be proactive in trying to meet the needs of my company.

  • Tammy Hawes, President, Axis Accounting Systems

    Shelton Dickson is very professional and ethical. He worked with Axis to evaluated candidates for our position based on skill set, work ethic, and how the candidate's personality blended with the rest of the Axis team. He was very responsive and thorough in his work with us. I would highly recommend Shelton to others that are considering using the services of a professional recruiter