Candidate Services

We are candidate centered! When we work with you, we understand this is YOUR career! YOU are in control of the process. We will work as a team and keep your best interests in mind when dealing with employers.

Our career placement services are always free to candidates and paid for by employers. We discuss your specific career goals and only match you with those opportunities that are in your best interests. This is your career! When you work with us, you are always in control of the process. We personally discuss the names and locations of companies we are working with. Your job search is 100% confidential!! We only discuss your career search with potential employers.

We will review your resume and work with you to enhance and tailor your resume to today’s IT job market ensuring it speaks to the specific nuances of the position you are seeking. If you are seeking help writing your resume, go to our Links & Tools page for information on software we recommend. You need a resume that stands out!

We will setup a consultation to review your current salary structure and history in comparison to what our experts are currently seeing in the Nashville market. Feel better knowing your company is treating you right or know when it is time to ask for a raise.



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