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Dickson Resources provides employers with the top IT talent at a reasonable cost. We keep it simple and make it easy to hire talented IT candidates.

Our job is to find candidates you can’t find on your own. We do this through our extensive professional network in Nashville. There are no costs or risks to trying our service. You owe us nothing, unless we find a candidate you can’t live without. In addition, we work with employers to sell their company to selective candidates that may not know about why they should choose your company for their career advancement. We also advise you of your compensation structure to attract the talent you desire while staying within market rates.o.

Have you suddenly been thrust into hiring for a new IT position or finding a replacement that is critical? Are you not getting any responses to a job posting? Are you having trouble determining what a fair salary is for the job? With IT varying from one hot technology to the next you must work daily with IT professionals of all kinds to understand what the market is paying. Feel free to contact us if you would like advice about the salary range of your positions. If you want to use our Candidate Search service, great! If not, just take it as a sign of goodwill and a sample of our expertise. We hope you will consider us in the future.

Are you trying to find a CIO, CTO or Director level position for your company? These positions are often hired solely by word of mouth. This is where our network in Nashville becomes invaluable. Due to the special skills and effort it takes to recruit for executive level candidates we provide this service on a retained search basis.

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