Interview Style for Men – The Blazer

By Amanda Hajduk – Nashville Stylist The blazer has been a fashion staple piece to the suit since the 1800s. Mistakenly it is only thought of that coat you throw on before going into a meeting, that item you add before going to a nice dinner. Few put a second thought into what a nicely tailored blazer can do for you. When I think of a good outfit with a blazer the man who comes to mind is Ari Gold from Entourage. That man is always put together, when he walks into a room he commands attention, and will not take no for an answer. I personally demand to know who that mans tailor is stat. Even though it is a TV show Ari’s clothes prove when worn properly it actually does a lot, especially in the business world. Ready to land that dream job or transitioning into a new position looking your sharpest should be at the top of the list. Walking into the room you are the first thing the interviewer notices. Gone are the days when a full suit is required during the interview, unless this is the environment you will be working in on a daily basis, but in technology it isn’t the norm.

Today, it is acceptable to grab a nice dark slack or even khaki pants, press a statement shirt to wear, and throw on an amazing blazer to bring out the color of your button up. If you personally like a tie, this may be added. It has always been said when going in for an interview dress one step above what you would typically wear on a normal day for work. The key is not to skim on the blazer, make sure it has structure, a solid quality material. Reliable companies to find blazers at are Bach Rach, Raliegh Limited, and coming September Nordstrom. A specialty store makes sure you have the right fit to your body, and if not a tailor is on hand to make it work. Most importantly make sure a blazer fits you, an expensive blazer that doesn’t fit is worse than a cheap one that does. It also kind of makes you feel big time having others work for you, to make sure you look like a million bucks. Realize a blazer is a staple piece that not only will be worn in the interview, but also out at the celebration dinners once you get the job, and those office get togethers. Blazers look phenomenal when paired not only with a nice pair of dress pants but also with a great pair of dark denim and a nice dress shoe.

Right here we can create many outfits in and out of the office with one jacket while rotating the shirts and pants in your very own closet. And to the ladies, the blazer is not limited to the men. I myself have dedicated a whole side of my closet to blazers; this is my go to everyday. It is a wonderful staple piece to have and it takes every outfit a step up. For interviews place a blazer on top of a fitted colored trouser shirt add either a skirt or slack and you are golden. No need to do a full piece matching suit. A great place to find these individual pieces is Express. Also if you have a dress, place a cropped blazer on top of it during the day then at night take it off and put cute heels on and you are ready to go out. There are so many options to play within your already existing wardrobe. Feeling overwhelmed or confused ladies and gentlemen, or have any questions on where to start? Feel free to contact me I’m here to help and will work within your budget. I love chatting or sitting in closets going through clothes creating new looks. Amanda has her own Style blog and Style / Wardrobe consulting business called Sparkle Grunge