What email address should I use for the job hunt?

The email address has probably replaced the resume as the most important aspect of the job hunt. You may be asking… “Wait, I can get a job with an email address?” Well yes and no. You can certainly lose a job from choosing the wrong email address and I’ll explain why.

One of the great things about working in the IT Recruiting Industry since 2003 and owning my own firm is the opportunity to build some awesome relationships with candidates and clients over the years, many of whom have become great friends. As such, I’m also the ever present sounding board which I thoroughly enjoy. My company and my relationships just can’t be replicated by most “established” firms that are really just huge corporations, putting people through the ringer and have 90% turnover in 6 months. I know this for a fact because when I started my career I worked in this environment.

OK sorry got a little off topic, but the point is I have some really long term relationships and with the growth of Dickson Resources as a recruiting force and our new division Storage Staffing, we are going to be around for the next 20 years. Unless I win the Powerball and then I’ll become a fishing guide in the Bahamas. I digress…

So what happens when I try to email someone that is a fantastic candidate in my database that I interviewed a few years ago? Well, if they are on or or another internet provider specific email address their email is probably dead or not checked. Wouldn’t that person want to know about a job, even if they weren’t interested, wouldn’t they at least want the opportunity to turn it down? Of course they would! But I can’t reach them!

Here is an example of what can happen, the candidate finally decides to move to California where they had to drop Comcast and use Time Warner Road Runner so now their Comcast email is dead. Their cell phone and home are dead and essentially I’ve lost contact with them. Now, being the expert stalker… aahmmm I mean, recruiter… I am, I could do my homework on the net and make some calls and probably find them, but not every recruiter has time for this and quite frankly I often don’t have time for it. I always think when this happens, “Why doesn’t this person have a Gmail account?” It travels with you everywhere and easily connects to all smart phones. It also now has Google+, Calendar, Google Docs and Picasa all integrated.

Every time I email candidates with a Comcast or similar email I know, at some point, that email is probably going to die. When it comes to your career and job search use a permanent email address. I would suggest Gmail.

Good luck in the job hunt! – Shelton Dickson

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