What women should wear on an interview.

By Amanda Hajduk – Nashville Stylist

I do not know about you ladies, but picking out the proper attire for a job interview can be the hardest part in the preparation leading up to the big day. Thinking about, is this outfit too much, is this too little, do you wear a suit, what is the standard company dress code. There are many steps that can go into preparing your interview outfit, but these steps can be simplified.

It is always best to start off by first researching the company you are interviewing with. You can learn a lot about their style from information found on a company website; within the mission statement, goals, testimonials, pictures, etc. This information can then be taken with you into the closet.  From researching the company you may have found you need to wear a suit on a daily basis; with this I would suggest adding a colorful trouser shirt underneath or a simple but still colorful camisole. Do not forget to place a great heel on those gorgeous feet. It does not need to be high; lucky for us the pony heel is making a big comeback. Also, designers are making shoes more comfortable and attractive. I recommend Kenneth Cole who has Nike Air Soles inserted. These are beautiful and unique shoes.

If you do not have to wear a suit to the interview stick with a business casual look, which allows for many looks to play with. Your options can be placing a knee length pencil skirt with a blazer who meets at the waist, wearing a dark dress pant and a nice silk blouse, or a business dress with a blazer. Once realizing you can mix a match pieces it is limitless on how many outfits you can create.  You can dress to impress professionally while still putting your own personal style on it.

The key to your outfit is to keep it sharp yet simple. You do not want to distract the interviewer from what you are saying and what you have to offer. Yes, you want to make an impression but the right one. You do not want to walk in screaming look at me. You want to come in saying I am the woman who can get the job done for you, professionally.

One thing to remember before leaving your house, make sure your clothes are freshly pressed, hair and nails neatly done. To some these are minor details, but to the interviewer these can be the first and last details noticed.

Feeling overwhelmed or confused ladies and gentlemen, or have any questions on where to start? Feel free to contact I’m here to help and will work within your budget. I love chatting or sitting in closets going through clothes creating new looks.

Amanda has her own Style blog and Style / Wardrobe consulting business called Sparkle Grunge .